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No homeowner would deny the fact that having a carpet at home needs thorough maintenance due to the accumulated dirt and stains from the heavy traffic of footsteps it bears. This is why they would invariably admit the importance of having a regular carpet steam cleaning to make sure that the carpets are clean and durable for a very long time. If you have pets at home, you will be able to connect to the fact that the pets get over-excited and may pull in the dirt and mud into the house and make the whole ambiance quite messy.

Also, accidents are bound to happen with children at home, thereby resulting in spillage and food stains. While a lot of such stains can easily be removed with the use of club soda and a good wipe, seeking professional help gets extremely important for the severe stains which would not go otherwise. However, we have compiled a few crucial elements of discussion, which can help you make a more informed decision about hiring a cheap carpet cleaning and steam cleaning in Shakopee.


Preconditioning your carpet is the first part of the process. The professional experts you hire will start with the task by doing the same. The kind of solution that needs to be used depends on the quality of your carpet fiber. If you have a predominantly synthetic carpet, the experts will use an alkaline solution the same. Again, if the rug is made up of wool and such other organic materials, your cleaner would suggest the usage of an acidic solution. Once the carpet is treated to a solution, it must be thoroughly scrubbed and brushed by a machine. Once this task is over, the carpet needs to be left alone so that the acidic solution can easily seep into the fibers and loosen the grip of the dirt and other particles. After this process, an electric wand will brush away the preconditioning agents from the carpet.


Once the carpet is preconditioned, it is then treated with the detergent and left to dry. This process generally takes over 24 hours to be effective, so it is highly suggested that the homeowners make accommodation arrangements accordingly. Most of the reputed professionals also use the right amount of preventive solutions to prevent the carpet from staining further. Once all the solutions dry up, the water pressure extraction mechanism will be useful in cleaning the rug thoroughly. Water pressure will work correctly with the answer to clean the stubborn stains and mess.


The carpet may take up to a few days to dry, as it was thoroughly soaked in the cleaning process’s different solutions. So, experts will make good use of the heaters and fans to speed up the dry method. Finally, once the carpet is almost dried, one of the experts will be making a thorough and detailed check-up. Only after they are convinced with the final output will they hand over the spotless carpet to the owner.