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There is a massive difference between a vacuum cleaner and a carpet steam cleaner. A steam cleaner is a far superior product for cleaning the carpets than a vacuum cleaner. It has features that are more or less similar to the dry cleaners used for washing clothes in the laundries. However, it is the most effective way to keep your carpets as good as new for a long time.


Mechanism of a carpet steam cleaner

A professional carpet steam cleaner uses water inside it, which is then turned into hot steam that is used to clean the carpets more efficiently. This steam is extraordinarily useful and works much better than a solution of soap and water. The water used for this steam is pure and free from any chemical disinfectant which could otherwise hamper the carpet’s material. The heat of the water quite efficiently cleans the carpet and sanitizes it at the same time.

The steam disposer is connected to other brush-like parts that assist in dislodging the stubborn dirt particles from the carpets. You will also come across a professional carpet cleaner in Eden Prairie, where you will have the option of adding a liquid solution to clean the dirt stuck within the carpet fibers.


The benefits of using a steam carpet cleaner

A steam cleaner is often suggested to be one of the most efficient carpet cleaning devices currently available in the market. There are immense benefits of using the same. The most significant advantage in the list can be termed as that the heat and steam of the cleaner can be moderated based on your requirement. This way, you can easily clean the tougher stains and even the ones which are accumulated over a long period and need quick cleaning. Such carpet cleaners use very little water over a more significant area. This way, the carpet would remain comparatively dry even after a session of extreme cleaning.


Why should you use a professional carpet cleaner?

You may be confused about the use of a steam carpet cleaner when you have a simpler vacuum cleaner. The answer to this is straightforward. Sometimes a vacuum cleaner is not enough to get an extensive cleaning. While a vacuum cleaner can only pick a smaller amount of dirt on the carpets’ surface level, it will not be efficient enough to clean what lies within. So, if you have pets at home, it is especially advised that you should use a professional steam cleaner to suck out the fleas which have gone inside the deeper layers of the carpet. A clean carpet will ensure sanitary hygiene for everyone in the house, especially the children.


How frequently should you clean your carpets?

Make it a point to use the steam cleaner at least twice a month to effectively clean the dirt and germs hidden beneath the deeper layers of the carpet fibers. While the hot steam can quickly kill the fleas from the threads, you will also be able to maintain the quality of the carpet for a more extended period.